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Drainage Pipes & Fittings

   Drainage Pipes & Fittings

  • Drainage Pipes & Fittings

Drainage Pipes & Fittings

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POLYFAB supplies Drainage pipes & fittings for above ground and under ground applications, in various sizes starting from 1 ½” (36mm) to 26" (160mm) for waste, soli and vent system and 110mm to 500mm for underground applications.

    1. BSEN 1401-1 Underground    Pipes

     2. BSEN 1329-1/BS 4514 Above Ground Pipes

     3. BSEN 1455-1/BS 5255 Waste    System Pipes

     4. PVC-U Drainage Fittings

     5. PVC Perforated Pipes.

       OD Ranges from 110 to 400mm

       Thickness Ranges  3.2 to 19.1 mm

Drainage Pipes  Fittings :

       Wide selection of pressure pipes fittings include

       Elbow 90deg. Elbow 45 deg,

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