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Expnasion Joints

   Expnasion Joints

  • Expnasion Joints

Expnasion Joints

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Metal Expansion Joints

Includes Circular Expansion Joints of the following types:

•    Axial

•    Hinged

•    Gimbal

•    Lateral

•    Pressure Balanced

•    Jacketed

•    Externally Pressurized

as well as Rectangular Expansion Joints which, with limitless dimensions, can be supplied with different convolution and corner types:

•    V-shaped - Camera Corner


•    V-shaped - Miter Corner (single or double)

•    U-shaped - Rounded Corner

Rubber Expansion Joints

MACOGA Rubber Expansion Joints are manufactured considering:

•    Chemical and Temperature resistance of internal layers

•    Pressure-resistant reinforcing fabrics

•    Weather, ozone and UV-resistance of external layers

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